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Bosch 0445010122 Astra Mk V / VI Injection Pump 1.3 Cdti 66/70 Kw 90/95 Ch

Bosch 0445010122 Astra Mk V / VI Injection Pump 1.3 Cdti 66/70 Kw 90/95 Ch

Bosch 0445010122 Astra Mk V / VI Injection Pump 1.3 Cdti 66/70 Kw 90/95 Ch   Bosch 0445010122 Astra Mk V / VI Injection Pump 1.3 Cdti 66/70 Kw 90/95 Ch

Bosch 0445010122 injection pump astra mk v / vi 1.3 cd 66/70 kw 90/95 hp. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Original bosch injection pump 0445010122 for astra mk v / vi sports hatch estate 1.3 cdti 66/70 kw 95/90 hp 0445010157 0445010204. Austauschangebot (sales in exchange for old part).

The sale price is valid if you return your old or us deposit (140) pay. When returning the used part defective, you will be paid the deposit back.

See mandatory deposit in the description below for more details. Exchange offer (we need your old kernel).

Our price is only valid if you send u. Your old defective item or a bond (140). The deposit will be paid back when we receive your old defective car. Read core political commitment in the article description for more details. Exchange offer (sale in exchange of an old coin): the sale price is valid only if you return your old coin or if we light you a warning (140).

When returning the defective old part, caution will be refunded. For more details, refer to the \Original bosch injection pump 0445010122 for. Alfa romeo mito 1.3 jtdm, 66 kw, platform: 955, also for multi jet. Chevrolet aveo 1.3 d, 55 kw / 70 kw, platform: t300, also for hatchback and sedan. Fiat doblo 1.3d multijet / 1.3jtd 16v, 62kw / 66kw, platform: 223, 263_, 263, großraumlimosine, freight, combi, box / combo and flat / chassis. Fiat 1.3 d multijet, 66 kw / 62 kw, platform: 350_, 323, 199, 178e, also for linea, great punto, idea and strada, punto evo pick up. Lancia musa 1.3d multijet, 66kw, platform: 350. Lancia ypsilon 1.3d multijet, 55kw / 66kw / 77kw, platform: 843. Opel astra h 1.3 cdti, 66kw, platform: l48 , l69, box, l08, l35, l70, saloon, gtc, and caravan. Opel astra j 1.3 cdti, 70 kw, for saloon and sports tourer.

Opel corsa d 1.3 cd, 55 kw / 66 kw / 70 kw, also for van. Opel meriva 1.3 cdti, 70 kw.

Suzuki swift iv 1.3 ddis, 55 kw, the platform: fz, nz. Please compare if any of the numbers listed below is on your old pump. 0445010122, 0445010157, 0445010204, 0445010293, 0986437036, cr / cp1h3 / r70 / 10-89 s. OEM part number (vehicle manufacturer).

Fiat, lancia, 55198208, 55206489, 55567369. Opel, 55206489, 55567369, 55572537, 55575157.

Suzuki, 15200 68l 10,000, 15200-68 l 10. Rebuilt (disassembled, cleaned, exchanged wear parts and defective parts, assembled, painted, tested on test bench for several hours).

Please read absolutely mandatory deposit. No cheap import from the Far East, but the original product, which is used by the vehicle manufacturer at the factory.

Please check before buying, if any oem / om reference number is on your old broken part. Withdrawals make products that were already built only very heavy. We grant a return policy a month for all items. Mortgage regime - very important!

The price valid only for the return of your faulty altteiles. We charge you 140 euro commitment is in addition to your old broken we received. This serves the shipping process to speed up.

Once your old broken with us, the amount will be refunded (it usually takes 3 to 6 working days). The customer will bear the costs of forwarding. It has also increased shipping costs. If you pay by bank transfer, please transfer the purchase price + deposit + shipping to avoid delays.

Used parts must be submitted no later than 45 days with us. After 45 days, you can also return used parts, but here there will be a deduction of 20%. Because we need to have it replaced after 45 days.

Otherwise, we would have these parts not short or medium term. We can not do it. Used parts are not returned within 6 months, can no longer be accepted.

We find this term more quadequid. Long story short; please return old parts within 45 days for us.

The faster the better for us all. Finally, you want to return the deposit amount faster and we old parts.

Please note that your old coins must be able to mortgage. No external mechanical damage (eg, no broken outlets without broken sensors). The frame must be in one piece, namely that it should not be broken down into building blocks, but only removed professionally.

On Saturdays and Sundays, no expedition takes place. Delivery with DHL held (from package delivery to take 1 or 2 days, but usually only one day).

Cash on delivery involves additional costs cod package currently costs more. We deliver with premium dhl.

Customers from inside the EU, who have a registration number EU VAT vva mehrwersteuer fully adopted (minus 16%). Provided the goods will be sent because we need proof of delivery. Receive customers from non-EU countries get the mehrwersteuer fully adopted (ie a lower price of 16% the sale).

This also applies to non-commercial customers. We deliver these products throughout Europe and North America.

If your country is outside of europe or north america, please send us a code and country name postal survey. We will contact you as soon as possible if a delivery is possible and with information on costs and duration.

We can not delivery foreign cod (only for larger orders on request). About 2 working days from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary. About 3 working days for guernsey, jersey, latvia, lithuania, portugal, romania. About 4 working days for Andorra, Bulgaria, Gibraltar, San Marino. About 5 working days for estonia, monaco.

Info: english / francese / italiano / español. The product has been repackaged / refurbished which means wear parts have been changed, all items tested for several hours with a bosch test station. The test protocol is included in the delivery. The product has 2 years warranty. It is a guarantee of bring-in.

All shipments include a commercial invoice. Please check loem / om point part of your current defective.

This number can find if you in our article description above as reference number, it is the number of right part. Ask your garage if you have any doubt.

It is not reliable to search the game using the vehicle list above. If the part number is not visible anymore on your current part, this method can be used. Otherwise ask your garage to check the part number using a mirror or search camera. This price is only valid if you send us your old defective item.

We charge you more than 140 euro as a deposit (basic commitment) before you send the spare part after receiving your old defective pump back to the us, we will refund you within 3 to 6 business days. Please note that the parts must be refundable. The elements are not allowed to be damaged (for example, no broken connectors) mechanical.

They are not allowed to be dismantled (only complete parts are refundable). The part number on the item must be legible. Vat discount for customers from outside Germany: Customers within the EU who have a valid EU-VAT-number do not have to pay German VAT (16% less). Carrots must arrive within 45 days in the United States at the latest.

After of course send 45 days, you curses, but here it is the deduction of 20% because we have to provide new cores if the pump does not happen for a while. In addition, some products will not be available as soon as possible. We do not accept any kernel after 6 months have passed. Long story short; please, return the carrots to u.

Finally, you want the amount of the deposit to come back soon and we need to return the carrots faster. Customers from outside the EU do not have to pay German VAT (16% less).

We ship this item around the world. Inquire if your country is not listed in the average shipping cost debay.

We do not deliver using cod. (disassembled, cleaned, worn parts replaced, reassembly, painted, tested on test bench for several hours). No low-end imports from the Middle East, but only original products, used by the vehicle manufacturer. Before buying, please check if your old defective part carries a no / oem comparison number. Returns on parts that have been mounted are very complicated. You can return all your coins to us in the month of the year. 2 years warranty 1 month right of return invoice. On the deposit regulations - very important! Will you charge us an additional lump sum deposit of 140 euro if we have not received it.

This serves to speed up the shipping process. The price is valid only in case of the old part restitution of defective.

We charge you extra caution [June 140 euro] (item price + caution + shipping costs) until your defective part has reached us. This is used to speed up the shipping process. The defective old part reaches us, the caution is immediately refunded (3-6 days). The escalin return shipping costs are to charge you the customer. If you pay by bank transfer, please transfer the amount of the deposit, the purchase price and the shipping costs extra, to avoid in order to remain.

The old coins must reach us within 45 days at the latest. In short, please return the old days coins under 45. The faster, the better for all of us. You subscribe faster the return of your attention, and we old parts.

After 45 days, you can of course also return old coins, corn here a deduction of 20% is applied. Because we have to get a replacement after 45 days. Otherwise, we would not have these elements in the program in the short and medium term. We can not afford that.

Old parts that are not returned in 6 months can no longer be accepted. We find this delay more than enough. Long story short; please return old parts within 45 days. The faster the better pour of us all.

After all, you want to recover the more dead deposit and we want the old coins. Note that your defective part must be able to be addressed. To be \The piece must be in one piece, ie It should not be in spare parts, but only disassembled professionally.

Abroad, cash on delivery is only possible in exceptional cases. Contact us for this before the purchase. Discount for customers with a valid European VAT number and for customers outside the EU. EU customers who have a valid vat number receive a reduction up to the German VAT (16%).

Customers from non-EU countries do not pay the German VAT (16%). This also applies to non-commercial customers. Stato: ricondizionato (smontato, pulito, party di usura sostituite, assemblato, verniciato, testato su banco di prova by various ores). Nessun importazione a basso costo dall'estremo oriente, my prodotti originali, utilizzati dal costruttore del veicolo in fabbrica. Prima dell'acquisto, confrontare se il pezzo usato difettoso riporta uno dei numeri di riferimento oem / om.

I reside for a prodotti già montati risultano molto ingombranti. Concediamo una garanzia di rimborso di a mese di tutti gli articoli. 1 mese di diritto di recesso. It prezzo è valido solo for the part of the restituzione usata difettosa. Vi addebiteremo una cauzione di 140 euro in aggiunta fino alla ricezione da parte della nostra parte usata difettosa.

Questo it processo serve ad accelerare di spedizione. Non appena riceveremo the parte usata difettosa, the zingari vi sarà subito rimborsato (3-6 days).

The spese di spedizione del iman sono a carico del client. If you want to know more, you need to know the importo della cauzione più il prezzo di acquisto e spese di spedizione, al fine di evitare ritardi. Vi preghiamo di notare che parte usata deve essere poter soggetta a cauzione.

Nessun danno meccanico esterno (ad esempio, the spine senza rot, senza sensori rotti). He codice della parte deveve visibile e leggibile. Part deve essere in unico pezzo, cioè non suddivisa deve essere in singole part, my professional instruments solo smontata.

Consegne contrassegno all'estero sono possibili solo in casi eccezionali. Per questo è necessario contattarci prima dell'acquisto. Sconto per i clienti con una partita iva ue valida e per clienti al di fuori dell'ue.

I have allenternal dell'ue, che hanno una partita iva valida ricevono lo storno completo dell'iva tedesca (meno 16%). I have come from other countries, but I do not pay the iva tedesca (meno 16%). Questo vale anche per i clienti non commerciali. Estado: revisado (desmontado, limpiado, piezas of desgaste reemplazadas, montado, pintado, probado in banco de pruebas horas durante varias). Nada de importaciones baratas del oriente lejano, sino products of origin, that is lo that uses the manufacturer of vehículos from the fábrica.

Las retiradas de productos ya instalados complicadas son muy. 1 my de derecho de revocación. El precio válido únicamente with the devolución de su artículo antiguo defectuoso. Remos cobra 140 euro of fianza adicionales hasta that su artículo recibamos antiguo defectuoso. Esto allows el proceso de envío acelerar. Una vez que su artículo recibamos antiguo defectuoso, the devolveremos inmediatamente dicha cantidad. The gastos of envio will corral a cargo of the customer. If it is necessary for bancaria transfer, it will be important to consider the situation and to understand the situation in the future. Tenga in cuenta that is antiguo art in estado of ser devuelto. In estado de seruel devuelto significa. Sin danos externos mecánicos (por ejemplo, sin enchufes rotos, sin sensores rotos). El número de pieza debe be visible and legible in the pieza.

The pieza debe estar en una sola pieza, es decir, no debe desensamblar in partes individuales, por sino profesionales ser desmontada. Precio de revendedor y comercial: envienos una solicitud de precio especial por correo electrónico o visit nuestra store robust.

Los envíos against reembolso al extranjero solo son posibles in exceptional casos. Para ello, that likes to ponente in contacto con nosotros antes de realizar compra. Customer service with a special VAT number for the customers of the EU. The customers of dentro of the EU that a number of posean identificación a efectos del iva in the eu están totalemente exonerates del iva alemán (menos 16%).

Thousands of women in the EU will pay less than the national rate (menos 16%). Esto también is aplica to the customers no comerciales.

Póngase en contacto con nosotros por correo electrónico para una compra efectuar sin iva. The item \category \The seller is \This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  1. reference number oe: cr / cp1h3 / r70 / 10-89s, 0445010122, 0986437036, 0445010293 <\/ li>
  2. reference number oe / oem: 55206489 <\/ li>
  3. product group: engine part <\/ li>
  4. ean: 4047024895829 <\/ li>
  5. Manufacturer Part Number: 0445010122 <\/ li>
  6. type: diesel fuel injection system <\/ li>
  7. manufacturer: bosch <\/ li>
  8. brand: - without brand / generic - <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Bosch 0445010122 Astra Mk V / VI Injection Pump 1.3 Cdti 66/70 Kw 90/95 Ch   Bosch 0445010122 Astra Mk V / VI Injection Pump 1.3 Cdti 66/70 Kw 90/95 Ch