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Luk Clutch Kit For Double Speed Alfa Romeo Mito Fiat 500x Jeep 1.4tb

Luk Clutch Kit For Double Speed Alfa Romeo Mito Fiat 500x Jeep 1.4tb
Luk Clutch Kit For Double Speed Alfa Romeo Mito Fiat 500x Jeep 1.4tb

Luk Clutch Kit For Double Speed Alfa Romeo Mito Fiat 500x Jeep 1.4tb   Luk Clutch Kit For Double Speed Alfa Romeo Mito Fiat 500x Jeep 1.4tb

Luk clutch kit for double speed alfa romeo mito fiat 500x jeep 1.4tb. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Luk clutch kit for double clutch transmission alfa romeo mito fiat 500x jeep 1.4tb. A new repair solution to replace the double clutch.

With luk repset 2ct (double clutch) for fiat group vehicles using 6-speed c635 ddct transmission, schaeffler automatic aftermarket has now developed another repair solution that allows independent workshops to work on double dry clutch systems of fiat 500x models, alfa romeo mito is juliette is jeep renegade 1.4 petrol. The new Luk repset 2ct repair solution for the models of the fiat brand with 6-speed c635 ddct transmissions applies to the petrol 1.4 engine cars of the fiat group equipped with a double dry clutch. A new kit (code 602 0003 00) with which schaeffler automatic aftermarket further expands its offer for the repair of double-clutch dry systems.

Luk repset 2ct for fiat c635 ddct 6 speeds is added to the other luk repset 2ct for ford dps6 6 speeds, for renault vehicles with dc4a 6 speeds and for vehicles audi, seat, skoda and volkswagen that use the transmission 0am at 7 speeds. Like all other Luk product families, this new series is also complete, convenient and easy to install. In addition to the double clutch, the kit also includes all the components - adapted to work perfectly together - necessary to replace this specific dual clutch system.

Therefore, not only the sliding socket, the circumclips and the fixing screws, but also the engagement actuators (levier and engagement bearing), which must be replaced with the clutch. The secondary automotive market schaeffler is also available on modular system of special tools luk, whose parts can be combined with all other vehicle-specific tool kits.

The basic tool kit forms the basis of the modular tooling system and contains the tools generally needed to repair the double clutch, to be integrated with the vehicle-specific tool kit. The kit (code 400 0471 10) contains all the tools necessary for the professional repair of double dry clutches of the fiat group (speed box with 6 gears c635 ddct) and can be used without the basic kit. This new repair solution is complemented by a comprehensive training program, technical brochures, detailed repair instructions and training videos showing the removal and mounting of the double clutch. In this way, aftermarket automatic scheffler enables workshops around the world to quickly and efficiently repair dual clutch systems, minimizing the risk of error and producing economic benefits. Unique solution for the independent workshop.

Modular tool kits for double-clutch dry systems, even for the latest models. Automotive workshops are able to repair double-clutch dry systems properly, quickly and efficiently. It includes all the components necessary to replace the double-clutch dry system. All components are designed to work perfectly together.

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  1. year: 4014870187460
  2. category: transmissions and shock absorbers
  3. Mark: luk
  4. unit of measurement: unit
  5. original alternative code oe/oem1: 55253082, 的55253338, 55268630, 的55277714
  6. Manufacturer part number: 602000300
  7. original oe/oem replacement code: 55253338, 55268630, 55238639, 55248365
  8. Unit quantity: 1

Luk Clutch Kit For Double Speed Alfa Romeo Mito Fiat 500x Jeep 1.4tb   Luk Clutch Kit For Double Speed Alfa Romeo Mito Fiat 500x Jeep 1.4tb