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Xcarlink Hands-free Bt Bluetooth Audiostreaming Fiat Alfa Lancia De Bosch

Xcarlink Hands-free Bt Bluetooth Audiostreaming Fiat Alfa Lancia De Bosch

Xcarlink Hands-free Bt Bluetooth Audiostreaming Fiat Alfa Lancia De Bosch    Xcarlink Hands-free Bt Bluetooth Audiostreaming Fiat Alfa Lancia De Bosch

Xcarlink hands-free bt bluetooth audiostreaming fiat alfa lancia de bosch. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product description standard autoradio fiat alfa lancia - usb / bt / xcarlink interface with ad2p and audio streaming from ios android windows xcarlink is the usb / sd / interface known for its exceptional audio quality and for the very simple installation on the original autoradios of the vehicles. Now extended with audiostraming to listen to songs from - smarphone - tablet - mobile phone - or other combinable devices available functions from steering wheel controls / radio keys: -> forward/rear track change and volume adjustment -> forward/rapid return listen to your mp3 or wma music files in the car has never been easier! In addition, if your car is equipped with radio controls at the wheel, you can use them to access the functions described above. All this in the utmost discretion: no wires in the car! Indeed, xcarlink connects directly to the changing cd port located at the back of your autoradio and can be hidden in one of the storage compartments.

Main features of xcarlink interfaces: high performance internal mp3 / wma player, excellent audio quality, no external mp3 player (ipod) required. Continuous audio playback and hands-free bluetooth function included! Attention, microphone performance is based on use and assignment! It connects to the output for the original CD changer radio, it is controlled exactly as a cd changer it is controlled by the controls of the original radio from the drive control usb connection dedicated to the charging of connected products only!

Integrated noise elimination circuit, eliminates interference to perfection possibility of connecting other audio sources via the line in jack 1/8'(3.5mm) compatibility year model autoradio 500 - 500c (no 500l) since 2007 all bosch autoradios - blaupunkt, cdmp3 and cd bravo ii since 2007 all versions blaupunkt -visteon, cdmp3 and cd croma ii since 2005 all autoradios bosch - blaupunkt, cdmp3 and cd dobl, ducato, dobl panorama since 2006 autoradio of origin cd and cassette qubo, fiorino since 2008 all autoradios cdmp3 and cd grande punto since 2005 all autoradios brundig (delphi), blaupunkt, cdmp3 and cd multiple versions since 1998 autoradios blaupunkt cdaspd, cdbunkt since 2007 all autoradios cdmp3 and cdbunkt all the autoradios brunkt all the autoradios blapkt all the autoradios (clampbunkt all the autoradios since 2003 - clapp3 and cd all the autoradios blapp3 and cd all the cd all the autoradios Features: Connect any smartphone, including android, apple, windows and blackberry and stream wireless music with your original autoradio/navigation system. Direct connection to the cd changer port involving no fm modulation for high-quality sound without interference. Installation plug and play - keeps the original equipment with the hidden interface away from the eyes.

Provides hands-free phone solution bluetooth automatically resumes music when a call is completed respond / reject calls via your original autoradio / navigation system via the ff button (fast advance). Supports music streaming via bluetooth a2dp and control via avrcp. Load port usb to keep your device loaded when used. Automatic break when switching to cd / tape / fm etc. 3.5 mm input to connect non-bluetooth devices. Works with applications such as spotify, googleplay, etc. Separate hand-free microphone included interface dimensions: 6.5 x 6.2 cm x 2.3 cm. Contact us for an additional discount!!! After receiving and verifying your purchase, it's a good idea to issue one.

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Production Vehicle mark: alfa romeo Manufacturer part number: xcar usb audiostreaming fiat

Xcarlink Hands-free Bt Bluetooth Audiostreaming Fiat Alfa Lancia De Bosch    Xcarlink Hands-free Bt Bluetooth Audiostreaming Fiat Alfa Lancia De Bosch