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8 Admission 8 Exhaust Valves For To Alfa Z16ler, A16 Xer, Z16let, Z18xep / Ex

8 Admission 8 Exhaust Valves For To Alfa Z16ler, A16 Xer, Z16let, Z18xep / Ex
8 Admission 8 Exhaust Valves For To Alfa Z16ler, A16 Xer, Z16let, Z18xep / Ex
8 Admission 8 Exhaust Valves For To Alfa Z16ler, A16 Xer, Z16let, Z18xep / Ex

8 Admission 8 Exhaust Valves For To Alfa Z16ler, A16 Xer, Z16let, Z18xep / Ex    8 Admission 8 Exhaust Valves For To Alfa Z16ler, A16 Xer, Z16let, Z18xep / Ex
8 admission 8 exhaust valves for to alfa z16ler, a16 xer, z16let, z18xep/ex. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find an automatic translation in French below. If you have any questions please contact us. 8 entrance 8 exhaust suitable for alfa 159 chevrolet fiat vauxhall 1.8 16 v. 8 intake/admission valves and 8 exhaust valves/exit \"autoventil\" - v1611; v1612 for fiat vauxhall alfa romeo. Alfa 159 1.8 16 v 2006. Cruze 1.8 16 v 2009. Trax 1.8 16 v 2013.

Croma 1.8 16 v 2006. Bravo 1.8 16 v 2007. 2004 Astra 1.6 v turbo. Meriva 1.6 16 v turbo 2005.

Corsa 1.6 16 v turbo 2007. Badge 1.6 16 v 2008. Zafira 1.6 16 v 2008.

Astra 1.6 16 v 2012. Mokka 1.6 16 v 2012. Astra 1.8i 16v 2005.

Signum 1.8i 16v 05. Vectra 1.8i 16v 06.

Zafira b 1.6 16v 05. Zafira b 1.8i 16v 05. Insignia 1.8i 16v 08. 939 a4,000 z16ler a 16 xer.

Z 16let z18xep / xer. Inches of 31.5 / d - 5 / l - 113.9. D - 27.5 / d - 5 / l - 113.2. Price for the game of 16 units!! don't hesitate to contact for any questions.

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  1. reference number oe/oem: 71744388
  2. garantie period: 12 months
  3. other room number: ae v98025
  4. classification: unavailable
  5. personalized beam: no.
  6. modified object:
  7. manufacturing country: serbia
  8. vehicle identification number (burgundy): unavailable
  9. soupape type engine: exhaust - admission valves
  10. mark: self-ventil
  11. manufacturer's coin number: v1611; v1612
  12. classic room auto: no.
  13. unit: 16

8 Admission 8 Exhaust Valves For To Alfa Z16ler, A16 Xer, Z16let, Z18xep / Ex    8 Admission 8 Exhaust Valves For To Alfa Z16ler, A16 Xer, Z16let, Z18xep / Ex