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Brake Pads Disc Kit And Rear Ate Alfa Romeo 159 (939) 1.9

Brake Pads Disc Kit And Rear Ate Alfa Romeo 159 (939) 1.9
Brake Pads Disc Kit And Rear Ate Alfa Romeo 159 (939) 1.9
Brake Pads Disc Kit And Rear Ate Alfa Romeo 159 (939) 1.9

Brake Pads Disc Kit And Rear Ate Alfa Romeo 159 (939) 1.9    Brake Pads Disc Kit And Rear Ate Alfa Romeo 159 (939) 1.9

Brake pads kit discs and rear aft alfa romeo 159 (939_) 1.9. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Add us to your favorites. Monday to Friday from 9.00 <\/ span>.

Rear brake pads discs and ate 412170 + 602707. Alfa romeo 159 (939) <\/ span> 1.9 jtdm 16v 150hp 110kw from 09/2005 to 11/2011. Thickness of brake disc [mm].

Supplementary Article / Additional Information 2. Send your license plate to check compatibility. 98200 1452 0 1 pro.

Alfa romeo 159 (939) 1.8 mft. <\/ span> -03.2007 <\/ span> 11.2011. Alfa romeo 159 (939) 1.9 jtdm 16v. 09.2005 - 11.2011.

Alfa romeo 159 (939) 1.9 jtdm 8v. Alfa Romeo 159 (939) 1.9 jts. Alfa romeo 159 (939) 2.0 jtdm.

05.2009 - 11.2011. 06.2010 - 11.2011. Alfa Romeo 159 (939) 2.2 days. Alfa romeo 159 sportwagon (939) 1.8 mpi.

Alfa romeo 159 sportwagon (939) 1,9 jtdm 16v. 03.2006 - 11.2011. Alfa romeo 159 sportwagon (939) 1.9 jtdm 8v. Alfa romeo 159 sportwagon (939) 1.9 jts.

Alfa romeo 159 sportwagon (939) 2.0 jtdm. Alfa romeo 159 sportwagon (939) 2.2 jts. Alfa romeo brera (939) <\/ span> 2.0 jtdm. 03.2008 - 06.2010.

<\/ span> -05.2009 <\/ span> 06.2010. Alfa romeo brera (939) <\/ span> 2.2 jts.

01.2006 - 06.2010. Alfa romeo giulietta (940) 1.4 bifuel.

Alfa romeo giulietta (940) 1.4 tb. Alfa romeo giulietta (940) 1.6 jtdm. 0 2.2 015 - <\/ span>.

Alfa romeo giulietta (940) 1.8 tbi. <\/ span> -04.2010 <\/ span>.

Alfa romeo giulietta (940) <\/ span> 2.0 jtdm. Alfa Romeo Spider (939 _, 939) <\/ span> 2.0 jtdm. <\/ span> -04.2009 <\/ span> 06.2010.

Alfa romeo spider (939 _, 939) <\/ span> 2.2 jts. 03.2006 - 06.2010.

Fiat 500 x (334) <\/ span> 1.3 d multijet. Fiat 500 x (334) <\/ span> 1.4.

Fiat 500 x (334) <\/ span> 4x4. Fiat 500 x (334) 1.6 <\/ span>.

<\/ span> -11.2014. Fiat 500 x (334) <\/ span> 1.6 multijet. Fiat 500 x (334) <\/ span> 2.0 multijet 4x4. 4 wheel drive jeep renegade closed (drunk) <\/ span> 1.4. 4 wheel drive jeep renegade closed (drunk) <\/ span> 4x4.

4 wheel drive jeep renegade closed (drunk) 1.6 <\/ span>. 4 wheel drive jeep renegade closed (drunk) <\/ span> 1.6 crd. 4 wheel drive jeep renegade closed (drunk) <\/ span> 4x4 2.0 crd. Send your vehicle to check compatibility! Send us your license plate or vehicle data after purchase to receive only consumables.

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  1. ean: 4006633302753 <\/ li>
  2. brand: ate <\/ li>
  3. original spare code oe / oem: 412170, 602707 <\/ li>
  4. Manufacturer Part Number: 412170/602707 <\/ li>
  5. iam (independent aftermarket) code: 412170/602707 <\/ li>
  6. other identification code: 412170, 602707 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Brake Pads Disc Kit And Rear Ate Alfa Romeo 159 (939) 1.9    Brake Pads Disc Kit And Rear Ate Alfa Romeo 159 (939) 1.9