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Founded in 1844, febi bilstein is manufacturer and auto parts supplier for the market to the independent aftermarket. The range covers over 22,000 quality technical parts ow for all makes and models of passenger cars, vans and European heavyweight. The very high quality standards are consistently represented in-house production of parts on dennepetal site.

As quexpert of the undercarriage, febi bilstein laccès offers a comprehensive program of steering parts (arms, connecting rods), suspension (kneecaps), rubber metal parts and wheel bearing. Range of products: - ground connection, - distribution and apparell- engine cooling - electrically braking parts - wheel mounting, - liquidesfebi is a trademark of bilstein group.

1 in Europe, mister car employs over 120 employees dedicated specifically to service your car! Wipers Bosch, Bosch brake pads, air filters or spark plugs and many original car parts are available on our online catalog! So do wait and see now our catalog! Easy and convenient, find a few clicks of the Bosch parts and accessories you need. The Castrol brand was created in 1899 thanks to its founder Charles 'Cheers' Wakefield.

The company's original name was in its infancy, \C`est n`est qu`en qu`elle 1909 was renamed Castrol. Currently the brand belongs to the group BP (British Petroleum). The brand is present worldwide today, both in the field of passenger vehicles in the sports field.

The ContiTech brand is a division of the Continental group. The company is world specializing in rubber technology and develops components and parts mainly for automotive l`industrie sectors. Thus there are products such as: - belt distribution- apparell- belt tensioner roller. L`entreprise and Delphi brand specializes in the manufacture and design car parts. American D`origine headquarters is based in Michigan, in Troy.

His fiercest competitors are Bosch and Valeo. Despite this profile shiny, Delphi narrowly escaped bankruptcy in 2006, closing 21 of its 29 production plants in the united states. Its product range is wide and deep.

So Delphi for parts such as: - SEALANT of platelets disk SEALANT arm of suspension-directional ball joints for air conditioning compressors. For nearly 100 years, KYB has specialized in lhydraulique used in various industries (aerospace, marine, rail) the high-speed train Shinkansen in Japan in its design incorporates a semi-active suspension system KYB. Kayaba has 15 plants in Asia, Europe and the united states. More d1 damortisseurs KYB million are made each week. Kyb also provides products such as suspension springs, suspension kits and kits of protection.

The KYB Employment Group 11,370 employees around the world. The Schaeffler Group includes the brands luk, ina fagen and 2009, this is more than 180 locations worldwide. The products of the luk brand: - a range around the clutch kit: dembrayage disk, pressure plate, stop clutch, damper, cable d`embrayage, bearing pilot, guide sleeve, high performance grease.

The motor-wheel steering pump pumps assistée- chutes automation of the driveline. The company mann filter is marketed worldwide. The products developed, manufactured and marketed are: - air-filter systems dadmission- filter oil-filter habitacle- filter carburantmann filter, this is more than 1500 references vl. History of the brand: 1999: creation of the company Mann + Hummel France. The premises are located in Gennevilliers then Argenteuil. 2001 acquisition of the certification iso / ts 16949 in May on development and production site in Laval and grenay. 2002: Solvay Group buys and thus acquires the \The group now s`appelle Mann + Hummel Automotive france2006: consolidation of group activities on a single site: Louverné (Laval). Monroe is a manufacturer who emerged in 1916 for the first time. The brand specializes in designing and manufacturing parts d`amortissement for light vehicles, heavy weight and even trains. It really n`est qu`en 1926 monroe launches its first shock absorber eliminator.

Since then, the firm is present everywhere. C`est the best known brand in terms d`amortisseur. Examples of monroe auto parts: shock absorbers. The France skf group is present on French territory since 1908 and today it has 10 production sites, research and development.

Skf develops and manufactures wheel bearings, seals, services and related products - bearings of wheels intégrés- coniques- roller bearings deep groove ball bearings the small dimensions- joints- the cardansskf, this is 179 patents in 2008. Trw is an American company that was founded in 1902. Trw provides parts and complete systems d`origine quality for automotive manufacturers, and independent market worldwide. Trw c`est: - brake systems and quality brake components ow (d`origine equipment): brake pads, brake discs, brake caliper, etc ... Steering and Suspension: bellows, steering knuckles , racks, suspension arms, etc ..

valeo designs and produces components, integrated systems and modules for automotive industry. Valeo, this is 4 areas: propulsion: transmission system - electrical systems and systems for hybrid vehicles and electric - motor control systems and thermal dairsystèmes loop systems: cockpit thermal - thermal systems powertrain compressors - avantconfort and daide face modules to driving: driving support - internal controls and cockpit electronics - mechanisms daccèsvisibilité: GalleryIndoor systems, wiping - dessuyageainsi engines, the top product Valeo is: - wafer disks SEALANT SEALANT flagship pre windscreen ice-clutch kit . Aisin, with over 94 700 employees and 192 subsidiaries associated worldwide is l`équipementier OE ranked # 5 in 2015 (oem). This Japanese company is part of the Toyota group. Based on the philosophy of `quality première`, Aisin produced water pumps, clutches, transmissions, engine parts and l`hydraulique for brands Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Daihatsu, Hino, Isuzu and that European and Korean brands. The strength of the group lies in its unique ability to understand technology and combines a wide range of products and production capacity. The Aisin group wants to transcend the limitations of each product with a fresh vision on creating high value-added products that its customers value for their safety, performance, design and comfort. As a world leader for Asian cars, Aisin develops products for original equipment and automotive aftermarket for more than 50 years.

Now you can also take advantage of this know-how for European brands also. The product range for the aftermarket comprises 5 groups: - d`embrayage products - engine cooling products - products on the braking - braking products - Product transmission.

Ate was born in 1906. Ate is Continental Teves brand that is one of the global automotive industry suppliers. The brand is present in 75 countries. Ate is present in technical innovations that are part of the equipment standard vehicles. Ole Bardahl is the creator of the company bearing his name.

For the record, in 1935, in Seattle, it designs a revolutionary lubrication proceed based on the polarization phenomenon. This principle makes it possible to protect the metal surfaces moving through property of the invention to maintain an anti-friction film, anti-wear and anti, corrosion; even able to withstand high pressures. This d`ailleurs home that its products are designed for automotive, industrial, agricultural and DIY. Bendix is ​​a trademark of Honeywell group that provides the automotive market of original equipment and aftermarket friction and brake products materials. Some products - many brake products under the Bendix brand: - wafer trim SEALANT SEALANT disc brake hoses SEALANT.

Beru develops products in the fields of technical d1allumage and cold diesel engine start technology. The major automakers and manufacturers around the world with engines s`approvisionnent Beru gmbh.

The products are marketed beru eg - candles candles glow allumageles - lambda probes importing allumageles coils dates of the history of l`équipementier beru: 1912: l`usine creation d` making candles ignition julius Behr and albert Ruprecht. 1929: research and development and production of the first glow plug for diesel engine. 1975: launching of the first glow plug which reduces warm-up time to 20 seconds. Over the years, d`autres factories are emerging in Germany and in international d`autre country. 1989 original production site in Ludwigsburg develops and produces coils d`allumage.

2000: The group create this year the branch Beru electronics gmbh bretten in charge of developing and producing electronic components and computers. 2005: BorgWarner, large US supplier becomes l`actionnaire majority of the group. 2012: beru celebrates 100 d`inventions and d`innovations. Laccès a complete parts solution for Asian vehicles and américainsla blue print brand is historically a company of Mazda cars uk group. This legacy brings expertise and legitimacy Asian parts. Blue print laccès offers a range of quality products to ViaMichelin parts for Asian and American vehicles: filtration, distribution, brake, clutch, motor cooling, steering and suspension parts. You benefit of a comprehensive program with over 22 000 references for Japanese cars, Korean and American, as well as new products for the latest vehicles. Range of products: - engine cooling - brake - distribution and apparell- clutch - échappements- undercarriage - management of the engine-room électriquesblue print is a trademark of bilstein group. D`expérience 20 years in the world of the play car, mister allow self careful selection of the best parts: BOLK is a mister-auto exclusive brand. Bolk, this is a range of over 2000 references. You find on each of the parts BOLK compliance to the quality and origin standards on the market. So find confidently auto parts brand BOLK as: - platelet SEALANT SEALANT of discs kit clutch-ball joints of suspension or directional d`allumage of candles or préchauffageprofitez prices really low throughout `year through our full range of product BOLK!

Established in 1923, the Bosal Group is Dutch. Bosal provides most of the automakers.

Bosal, this is - systems déchappements- dattelage- a wide range of roof bars and jacks and galeries- outillagesainsi include auto parts like: pot d`échappements (rear) central silencer catalyst hitch. The brand is owned by French BOUGICORD automotive léquipementier Electricfil. The company, founded in 1936, was originally specialized in molded electrical cords designed to provide market l`électroménager.

In 1959 l`entreprise Soriente to the automotive market by patenting the l`anti-interference automotive technology. C`est how BOUGICORD the brand was born. Today it specializes in l`allumage and l`électricité automobile. Bougicord designs and therefore produces auto parts such as: - parts- reel game parts- son allumageun beam of its main competitors is l`équipementier beru.

Brembo is an Italian brand located in Curno. L`entreprise specializes in the design and manufacture of braking system l`auto motorcycle.

But n`est qu`en 1974 that the factory sells its first brand brake discs. In 1980, Brembo brake l`etrier revolutionizes the manufacturer in aluminum very resistant. CEVAM presents a wide range of products available for the European park including Japanese vehicles.

Today the company operates in 3 different countries and employs over 130 people. Alternators 500 references for European cars. 300 references for the Japanese fleet. Starters: 300 references for European cars.

200 references for the Japanese fleet. Transmissions: also bellows kits, universal bellows and new suspension spheres, gimbals. 1986, the brand launched into d`alternateurs renovation and starters. 1993: the mark starts producing transmissions. 1994 s`établie brand in Spain by launching CEVAM iberica barcelona.

1999: CEVAM grea buys the company; transmission specialist for over 40 years. 2005: creation d`une production subsidiary in Poland called Elsam.

Some car parts of the product range: Sealants rings (Simmerring®) attached valve stem, integrated Sealants rings, seals and cartridge combined engine mount, suspension and dishes gaskets speeds, peripheral seals dishes and pouches for flexible cabin filter brake motors. Dayco is a leader in the design and manufacture of transmission systems on the market for original equipment. It is also very present on l`after-market. The company and brand Elring offers a wide range of tailored mechanical parts in the joint Sealants engine market. Elring is the mark of ElringKlinger ag group si`impose as a leader in the sector of automotive OEM. Spare parts Elring equip the following brands: Alfa Romeo Audi BMW Citroen Chevrolet Chrysler Dacia Daewoo DAF Daihatsu deutz dodge fiat ford honda hyundai ihc Iveco Kia Lada Lancia Land Rover Man Mazda Mercedes-Benz Mini Mitsubishi mwm Nissan Opel Peugeot Porsche Renault Rover RV Saab Scania seat skoda smart ssangyong subaru suzuki toyota vauxhall volkswagen volvol`histoire Elring: 1879 paul is the founder lechler d`une trading house for technical items in Stuttgart. Later this house shall become today's society.

1885: a construction workshop comes in floor set by Richard klinger Austria. 1994 the Elring gmbh and Richard klinger gmbh merge to give birth to ElringKlinger gmbh.

2000 new merger between ElringKlinger gmbh and the parent company ZWL grundbesitz- und Beteiligungs-ag. The group is renamed: ElringKlinger ag and is now publicly traded. 2009: ElringKlinger ag company celebrates its 130th anniversary d`existence. 2012: the group is now present in 19 countries and has 42 production sites. The Ferodo brand is specialized in the automotive braking.

The team scores such d`origine volkswagen manufacturer. Some examples d`une range of auto parts - brake pads Ferodo first use for 50 years of materials that guarantee a perfect match between vehicle braking technology and full compliance with homologation standards ow. Brake pads Ferodo Ferodo sl sl with the wafer widely exceeds r90 standard.

Compatibility also tcs abs, ebd. Ncp- noise brake pads Ferodo ThermoQuiet the particularity of that proposed is to dispose of a noise absorber product surrounding the metal support. Gates is also very present in the l`industrie sector. Thus, the manufacturer specializes in the design and manufacture of belt drive system. Some examples of products: - kit distribution-distribution-belt roller tendeur- alternator belt.

Hella is an automotive supplier headquartered is lippstadt (germany). Hella, this is 70 production sites, 3,000 engineers and technicians work in research and development. L`entreprise provides the major automobile manufacturers, system manufacturers, and the sector of the automotive aftermarket. Hella offers a range covering four: - the air conditioning-léclairage- lélectronique- lélectricitéainsi for n`en mention some one, we find the self following: taillight alternator radiator air conditioning compressor motor.

Hertz-buss is a company created in 1925. It is divided today into two entities: ELPARTS and JAKOPARTS. At its beginning, while n`en automotive development was qu`à its infancy, Hertz-buss was providing d`isolation elements and friction rings for d`allumage systems.

The brand's slogan is: our rooms just always agree! Knecht is a designer and manufacturer of engine components and filters for automobile l`industrie. The mark is attached to malhe aftermarket group. This group of 24 countries with more than 1,500 employees. He has specialized in the design of the following filters: - filter air-filter oil-fuel oil filter cabin filter. Lemforder (zf Group) offers a range of products for light vehicles and heavy trucks. Lemforder vl, this is 1600 references for the range of light vehicles that meet market requirements including a high resistance to corrosion, high temperatures and mechanical stress. Some products from the range LEMFÖRDER: ball ball steering suspension link of silent block engine mount direction of suspension wishbone repair kit (body l`essieu). The LIZARTE company founded in 1973.

Its activity is focused on: - remanufacturing of mechanical steering, power steering, dassistance pumps and compressors of air conditioning. The manufacture of new suspension spheres for manufacturers: Citroen and Peugeot.

It specializes in remanufacturing manual steering. 1983 LIZARTE began making spheres / accumulators for Citroën. 1992 early l`échange standard on assisted directions. 1997 standard exchange of original early on the steering pump. 1999: LIZARTE gets ISO 9001.2001 certification: Start l`échange standard on air conditioning compressors.

2003: LIZARTE obtains ISO TS 16949 certification brand sponsors the same year the cycling tour of Navarre. The group is present in 18 countries. Magneti marelli manufactures of: - alternateurs- of batteries- bobines- of power plants and electronic systems d`allumage- GalleryIndoor points of horns and other components related to the universe of transport.

Mapco offers a wide variety of mechanical and electronic parts. Some products MAPCO Brake: Caliper Disk Brake, platelets, jaws, discs, drums, brake kit, master cylinder ...

Direction and undercarriage: Part steering and suspension, damper, dassistance steering pump, steering racks, silentblock transmission: steering bellows, bellows transmission, and PTO drive shaft motor environment dembrayage kits, water pump, fuel pump, exhaust, catalyst, motor mount and gearbox. The mts company was born in 1986 thanks to its founder antonio sarri.

Its purpose is d`acquérir maximum deposits at the national level to create a real distribution network. C`est from 1990, mts to s`ouvre l`international working relations with l`allemagne or even France.

Today, 70% of its production is for the 24 countries constituting its network. In 1996, the company changed its legal form and Password s. In 1999 mts obtains ISO 9000 certification dekra. Mts today - 30 years dexpérience- 14 deposits property- 3,000 mts product per day- exhaust mts manages over 20,000 items- mts distributed in 24 countries européensles rooms range mts - pot d`échappement- catalyseurs- accessories (sleeve, collar flange stem collar bi-conical, flexible repair, stapled hose sold meter rubber ring capsule).

Ngk in 1936 takes inspiration from l`industrie ceramics in Japan and develops d`allumage candles automotive industry. Ngk operates globally through its factories and trading companies. The products meet the requirements of automakers.

Ngk sponsor is in automotive competitions and Formula 1 World Championship wrc rally. In simpliquant well, particularly in technological innovation, the knowledge gained in competitions are adapted on mass production. Other products offered by brand glow plug lambda sensor. Nrf is established in 1927. Manufacturer engine radiator, beams, chillers dair of dhuile coolers, boxcoolers and air conditioning equipments, nrf is present throughout leurope to west.

Some products: - air conditioning: 1700 originally a Factory original quality products of C compressor to the air conditioning evaporator condenser but also the fan motor and other equipment related to air conditioning. But also a range of coolers dair and olive oil. Philips was born in 1891 in eindhoven the netherlands.

Its founders are the brothers Gerard and Anton Philips. From the beginning, l`entreprise produces carbon filament lamps. This activity of the brand, l`un d`europe of the largest manufacturers in this field. In 2009, she made a figure of 23.2 d`affaire d`euros billion.

This has two founders: Ernst Sachs and Karl Fichtel. Between 1960 and 1980, the company absorbed several entities and brands such as sedis, huret, buff, Hercules and Rabeneick. Some examples of sachs rooms: d`embrayage stop d`embrayage kit shock absorbers. Sasic is a French company which \The history of Sasic: The company was founded in 1927 under the name of santucci. In 1930, l`entreprise directs its activity to the production and marketing of mechanical steering.

In 1965 l`entreprise embarks on the design and the water pump and marketing from 1971, Sasic name appears. He was born in l`union between two competing companies: santucci and sicfa. In 1973, Sasic joined the British group lucas. In 1974, Sasic publishes its first French / English catalog dedicated to the Peugeot 404.

Then, in 1982, the range Sasic s`étend to brands like Audi, Chrysler, Mercedes or Ford n`en to name a few. Sasic is integrated in 1998 to French group in 1999 sevti for getting certified ISO 9001.

In 2002 the company expands its activity and began renovating d`embrayage through d`une new subsidiary, Sadex based in Normandy. In 2006, after launching its new line of hose, Sasic obtains ISO TS 16949 certification and create the range of damper pulley. In 2012, the renovation site d`embrayage achieved level 2 of the environmental management system (ISO 14001).

Created in 1947, the brand seim currently manages over 4200 references brake cables cables, clutch, d`accélérateur... Counter, laundry room pipes, jets, tanks, pumps ... Qu`elle sells among 1,500 small and large independent distributors, platforms .. In 50 years, the company became a subsidiary of Renault. In 2010, it belongs to more than 80% in Japanese ntn group, with more than 500 million of d`euros d`affaires figure.

Here are some brand products: - rolling wheel-kit distribution-tensioner. Spilu is a Spanish manufacturer. Spilu also d`optiques car manufacturer. So Spilu c`est more than 5000 references in the mirror and range over 2,500 references in the range lighting and signage. We thus find, for example, auto parts such as: - exterior mirrors rétroviseur- ice back- fire etc ..

Some examples: ventilation system and fan fuel power supply system controls engine injectors pressure sensors of various electronic sensors tires washer systems and headlamp wash actuators for central locking system. The Vernet brand is a specialized company in the l`automobile sector and particularly in the field of: cooling.

The group is also present in the area of ​​heavy weight and l`industrievoici few examples of products designed and marketed by the brand: thermostat valve thermostat plastic electrically controlled thermostat cartridge housing for bva cartridge exhaust thermostat egrquelques dates: 1927: the calorstat company is founded by edgar b. 1950: Metal Bellows for thermostats l`automobile. 1952: creation of the company Vernet.

1962 acquisition of Vernet by calorstat. 1971: Vernet s`installe to oulainville in l`essonne in France. 1972: creation by Verne its US subsidiary caltherm. 1990: opening new production d`un five-mars-la-pile in l`indre-et-Loire. 1995 Vernet simplante in Argentina. 1999: the site of five-mars-la-pile s`agrandit. 2002: Second expansion of the site five-mars-la-pile.

2006: implementation of the brand in China. Walker ist eine Marke der Tenneco gruppe. Walker beliefert sowohl als auch den den erstausrüstungs- ersatzteilemarkt. Walker steht unter anderem für - Komplettlösungen zur abgasentgiftung (Tenneco war zum beispiel an der von entwicklung rußpartikelfiltern beteiligt) - lambdasonden- schalldämpfer- auspuffrohre- Katalysatoren (wobei walker wie die auf Automobilhersteller keramik setzt).

Mister Car, a French company founded in 2007, is one of Europe's leading online sales of auto parts. Mister Car employs more than 100 employees, proud to deliver spare parts car in 21 European countries. Nearly 2 million customers already trust to mister-auto so do not wait! Our extensive catalog of over 200 000 references allows you to find the parts you need, whatever your car model. And as the largest OEMs trust mister-auto (Valeo, Bosch, Castrol, PURFLUX, monroe), you will find here all the major brands at discount prices! Opting for mister-auto is taking advantage of a set of advantages: the best market prices, free delivery from 60, secure payment, returns in 15 days fast and reliable delivery. Mister Car has developed its own brand BOLK. The products BOLK you provide excellent quality / price ratio every day with more than 2000 references for all makes and models of car.

Finally, the satisfaction of our customers is a priority for mister-auto. Therefore, we everything possible to ship and deliver your orders in the shortest possible time so that you can maintain or repair your car as quickly as possible. Mister Car offers a 72-hour delivery time, at a fixed price of 5.95, and calls for it to larger network carriers as gls.

You can also enjoy free delivery from 60 purchase. You can choose to have it delivered directly to your home or your workplace. Unfortunately, we do not provide delivery in departments and oversea territories, Corsica and military areas. In mister car, we put everything possible so that you are satisfied with your purchase, though we are aware that you may one day have to return or cancel an order.

Before we return a product, please if you-please read our Terms and Conditions. All returned products must be in good condition (not used and free of mounting tracks) and complete (packaging and very present documentation). You have a period of 30 days to return your product in its original packaging while ensuring well make sure your parcel is carefully packed. You must include a copy of your proof of delivery of your / your product (s). Please contact us for the return address not to return the product (s) (s) to the address on the invoice.

Any item returned without authorization will be refused. Mister car supports the return costs. Mister Car will not be held responsible for lost or damaged packages during transport. Please you take out insurance delivery where possible. Upon receipt, all products will be inspected by us in our sole discretion, the reimbursement may be refused. All the products we offer for sale have a warranty of 24 months minimum (unless otherwise explicitly stated). More details on our terms and conditions here. We strive to answer all messages within 24 hours. The item \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: France.
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