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Ziarelli Forest 285 75 R16 Special Regenerated Tires For Off-road

Ziarelli Forest 285 75 R16 Special Regenerated Tires For Off-road

Ziarelli Forest 285 75 R16 Special Regenerated Tires For Off-road    Ziarelli Forest 285 75 R16 Special Regenerated Tires For Off-road

Reconstructed ziarelli tires size 285 75 r16 116t m s with warranty against factory defects until the end of life. Highly recommended product, excellent value for money. The extreme forest is the undisputed prince of the hard and pure off-roader. Its aggressive design makes it particularly suitable for 100% extreme off-road use. The directional tread combines a double band of central blocks with massive side sculptures.

It bears the marking \"m-s.\" All our tyres are hot and fully retreaded, subject to periodic road registration checks and comply with European tuv-cert standards. For more information and requests please contact me 339/4362431 Cristian.

1 safety safe, tested and certified as new tires. The carcasses used for our.

The tires are carefully selected; a coated tire undergoes the same safety and quality checks as a brand new tire. 2 savings for you and the environment. A retreaded tire can cost half as much as a new equivalent. The energy expenditure to regenerate a tire, compared to the expense to create a brand new tire is 75% lower!

The retreading process preserves 80% of the material of a tyre, which would otherwise have provided for its disposal by incineration or landfill. 3 environment a low impact tire in environmental and noise pollution.

For the production of a new tire, crude oil consumption is generally between 20 and 28 litres. For the production of a covered tire, we are talking about 5.5 liters: 75% less. Not only that; Consider the removal of the tire in landfills: it takes at least 100 years for a buried tire to be completely eliminated. By using tire carcasses, the retreading process exploits the potential residual value of tire carcasses and, through high-tech manufacturing processes, restores the functionality of the used tire, making it available again for safe use. 4 efficiency same benefits when using a new tire.

A retreaded tire, as well as a new tire, have a tread that guarantees your vehicle a lower fuel consumption and therefore greater efficiency. With the same amount of fuel, you can travel more on the road. All with a low impact tire on the environment and on your wallet.

5 quality processes certified by the strictest European authorities and products guaranteed by the manufacturer. The price refers to the purchase of each single tire.

For orders for more than 2 tires, we offer free shipping. Delivery time: 2 working days out of Saturday and Sunday. In case of problems, contact us before publishing a neutral or negative feedback, negative feedback does not solve anything, with the dialogue instead, everything is resolved, together we will certainly find the best solution. For any information do not.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal.

We ship with all types of mail. In remote areas and islands. For less island expeditions and more cost.

Shipping could increase by 10.00 eur. The item \"ziarelli forest 285 75 r16 special regenerated tires for off-road\" is on sale since Saturday, December 5, 2020. It is in the category \"auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories-auto tires, rims-tires\". The seller is \"mcricambi0207\" and is located at/in laycorvo. This item can be shipped to the following country: Europe.

  1. amended article: no
  2. other ID code: z327021
  3. external bearing noise (db; class): 72
  4. fuel for tires (ag): re.
  5. description of the list of lots: refurbished new tires with warranty against us defects...
  6. : 16
  7. manufacturer: 1 year
  8. charge index: 116
  9. speed index: t: max 190 kmh
  10. tire pad: 285
  11. list of lots: yep
  12. mark: ziarelli
  13. brand: amc
  14. model: extra
  15. forest
  16. number of units: 1
  17. manufacturer part number: does not apply
  18. manufacturing country: Italy
  19. grip performance on wet ground (ag): re.
  20. quantity: 1
  21. seed report: 75
  22. runflat: no
  23. saison: all-weather tire
  24. type of vehicle: four wheels
  25. unit: unity

Ziarelli Forest 285 75 R16 Special Regenerated Tires For Off-road    Ziarelli Forest 285 75 R16 Special Regenerated Tires For Off-road